Hydraulic tractor crane DOT 50K

  • Off-road tractor crane with self-contained hydraulic system
  • With a link drive and three-point coupling of category II or III
  • Tractor capacity: min 8,800 lbs / over 90 HP
  • The possibility of fixed mounting to a forestry trailer
  • 23' of reach
  • Option: oil cooler
  • 21 gal oil reservoir, integrated into the base
  • Brake BR1/80/4
  • More control opitions;
    • electro-proportional control (only guide)
    • mechanical control,
    • mechanical control with 2 electric ON-OFF valves,
    • electro-proportional control with 2 joysticks and
    • Scanreco radio remote control. 

  • Hydraulic pump

    Based on hydraulic crane mounting we can choose between two hydraulic pumps couplings. The pump with female coupling enables three point hitch tractor mounting. The pump with male coupling enables fixed forestry trailer mounting.
    Both pumps come with 119 ccm displacement (recommended RPM of PTO 750 min-1 or 1000 min-1).

  • Pressure and return filter for ensuring the required purity of oil in the hydraulic system.

  • Robust stabilizer legs ensure a stable setting even on an uneven work terrain.

  • Stabilizer cylinders with integrated brake valves.

  • Lifting cylinder protection.

  • A four-joint "K" mechanism on the restraint between the lifting and the swinging arm provides for excellent work characteristics of the crane.

  • Excellent geometry of the boom mechanism.

  • A special version of the telescoping arm for increased reach.


  • 8-section electroproportional hydraulic valve allows precise control with control console.

  • All pipes on the boom mechanism are installed on top for maximum protection.