Hydraulic Cranes Tajfun LIV 

Company Tajfun LIV has been a valuable member of Tajfun Group since 2012. We are an innovative company specialized in the manufacture of high quality hydraulic loading cranes. Our own sophisticated research, top-end development and production capacities, have made us to become a major world-class producer of professional handling equipment. Over forty years of experience in development and manufacture of hydraulic cranes are a guarantee that we commit ourselves to produce very reliable and quality products made from materials supplied only from renowned European manufacturers.

A wide range selection of cranes with load capacity from 50 to 260 kNm and a range of up to 48.6 feet encourages users to select their optimal version depending on the type and requirements of the job. While sophisticately built and designed, our cranes are easy to operate and simple to run and handle. Our products pride themselves in flexibility for a variety of work tasks, outstanding performance and durability of equipment as a whole. Above mentioned are just some of the many benefits that Tajfun LIV hydraulic cranes provide to a satisfied customer.

While we pride ourselves with experienced and properly trained staff, our advanced research, innovative development, high-end technology and manufacturing create products of outstanding quality that enable economical and safe operation in all work environments. Our strategy is to manufacture and market highly reliable, user and environmentally friendly cranes with only the best technical properties.

Standard BS EN 12999 distinguishes timber handling cranes from other cranes. Timber handling cranes are intended solely for the manipulation of timber using the grapple. Cranes for handling secondary raw materials, are due to safety equipped with stop valves and stability system of the latest generation.

Circular rotation for more than 420 ° allows reliable, functional and smooth operation of our cranes. Standardly built-in control valves from renowned manufacturers offer smooth, precise and fast operation and management without any interruptions. Within the framework of accessories available to our customers we offer various devices for easier and safer work: cabin and proportional electro-hydraulic controls, protective retractable roof, heated seats, remote radio control, support for long wood, hook for attaching the grapple, LED lights, 45 ° or 180 ° folding-up stabilization system, etc.

Let us introduce you to our new line of optiLINE cranes.

optiLINE  range represents cranes with standardised equipment. optiLINE  has all what is needed for comfortable and effective loading, unloading and transport of timber:

  • Very good lifting and slewing moments,
  • Ergonomically positioned control levers: crane controls 2-lever + 2-pedal,
  • Hydraulic control of stabilizers from the top seat,
  • Lifting cylinder protection,
  • Comfortable seat,
  • LED lights on the luffing boom are mounted in a solid bracket which enables protection against mechanical damage,
  • Transport position of stabilizer legs  45 °,
  • Precise and robust grapple,
  • High quality rotator,
  • Double-flow hydraulic system.


High class components and solutions enable maximum life cycle. 

  • Swedish best steel, resistant to the extreme stresses and environemental conditions.
  • Robust die cast crane column.
  • High quality bronze bushing with greasing channels.

Double rack slewing system in oil bath with 2 solid racks; the oil bath provides smooth and precise slewing and reduces wear on the mechanism.   

Tajfun LIV cranes, made to win your trust!