We have combined the power of nature and the know-how of our experienced programmers and developed an innovative forestry information system called TajGO MX (metrix) – a mobile system for measuring wood. The TajGO MX set contains the Bob800 electronic digital caliper and MX Mobile and other accessories, such as the holder for the mobile phone and the printer. The Bob800 and MX Mobile enables quick and precise measurements of wood: standing trees, logs and boards.

Our system enables immediate processing of data through the mobile application, as well as printing on the mobile printer. You can also simply export the data into electronic form and submit them through Dropbox, e-mail or simply synchronize them with your existing system through the internet connection (mobile data transfer, WiFi etc.).

Electronic digital caliper

The electronic caliper is intended for professional use in the forestry and wood industry. Its high IP67 mechanical safety enables measuring in different weather conditions (sun, snow, rain). The caliper consists of a mechanic scale made from quality specially processed aluminium, comfortable ergonomic handles with integrated tightly sealed electronics, as well as two lightweight arms, which can also be replaced.

The electronics in the caliper enables diameter readings in electronic form. It features numerous functionalities, which facilitate simple measurements of wood. Simply push the button on the caliper and the diameter is read and saved in digital form, which you can later edit or print on the mobile printer.

Intended use:

  • measuring the diameter of free-standing trees
  • measuring the diameter and length of logs
  • measuring the diameter, length and thickness of boards

Measuring range 32''
Dimensions 39.9'' x 23'' x 1.5''
Weight 2.75 Ibs
Measurement accuracy (mechanical) ±0.5 mm
Measurement accuracy (electronic) ±1 mm
Measurement method Electronic – wireless
Temperature range of use -40 F to +140 F

MX Software

MX Software is software for mobile devices (phones, palmtops, tablets etc.), which enables reading, logging and editing data acquired during the measurements of wood (logs, standing trees and boards) with the forestry caliper. It is intended for individual forest owners, owners of small sawmills and also professional users – foresters and wood workers. MX Mobile enables wireless communication with additional devices required for uninterrupted work in the forest (Bob800 electronic caliper, mobile printers etc.).

Modern and innovative software for the Android operating system.

All data can be adapted to individual users. The following data can be acquired through measuring or additionally entered:

  • diameter,
  • length,
  • tree species,
  • wood quality,
  • bark deduction,
  • buyer data,
  • owner data,
  • barcodes – tracking the wood with the help of barcodes (BARCODE or RFID),
  • tailor-made data (according to the customer’s wishes).

The processed data can be exchanged through central information systems.

The software is tailored to the needs of the customer.