Tajfun Firewood Processors, established under the brand name RCA, are essential forestry accessories for processing of wood biomass – logs into firewood. Tajfun product development is constantly directed towards optimal and simple operation for machine operators. You will choose and enjoy Tajfun Firewood processors because they excel in:

  • Energy efficiency,
  • Simple and fast set up and take down,
  • High capacity,
  • Compact and rugged construction,
  • Simple user friendly controls.

»Joystick« - ergonomic, safe and user friendly operation of main machine functions (infeed in/out, sawing, splitting, lifting/lowering of the wedge…).

The discharge conveyor comes with the inclination index.

Discharge Conveyor (13') – Standard: with the twostage telescopic cylinder and automatic hydraulic belt tensioner to change the conveyor from transport to work position.

Manual Winch for changing the inclination of the discharge conveyor.

The Foldable Infeed Conveyor (6.5'); of highly resistant material.

The Hydraulic Lenght Limiter with offset function can be set from 9.5'' - 19''.

  • Electro Hydraulically Controlled Clutch; automatically stops and starts the cutting chain.

  • Hydraulic Output for RCA accessories

  • Before the Hydraulic Log Holder there is a Guide Lean that guides the log and prevents it from hitting the log holder. The Hydraulic Log Holder is used to fix the log and prevent it from spinning and turning.

  • Splitting Cylinder with 15 tons splitting force - 2 Splitting speeds, switches automatically.

  • High cutting speed Chain Saw – 82'/s (12,000 rpm). Cutting with the chain saw is quick and safe. The cutting chain stops once cutting is complete (with the help of the clutch).

  • Lattice for Sawdust is located between the splitting wedge and the discharge conveyor.